WEEK 8 Challenge - Change Your Search Engine to OceanHero

WEEK 8 Challenge - Change Your Search Engine to OceanHero

We call it a challenge.

Because even just thinking of using another search engine that is not Google seems like a real challenge to most of us.

What is OceanHero?

"OceanHero is a search engine like any other. The major difference is that with every search, you help save the oceans from plastic pollution. For every five searches you do, we collect one ocean-bound plastic bottle".Everything you need to know about the search engine can be found on this link below


But does it actually WORK?

Well, to be honest, we've been switching to OceanHero not long ago, and for the most part I can tell that the data is much less than Google, you won't get that many results like if you do with Google, they will show up the most relevant results though but very lack of images and videos. However, there is an option to "try this search on google", so basically just another click away to switch back to google results if you need to see more,  but by making OceanHero a default search engine, you're doing something good for the Oceans on your part. They will use the profit from the search engine to clean up the oceans. So, we don't see the reasons to not switching to it, to "search the web and save the oceans".

Would you?







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