WEEK 4 CHALLENGE - Plan Your Grocery Shopping

WEEK 4 CHALLENGE - Plan Your Grocery Shopping

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to our weekly challenges.

How was everyone doing with decluttering your home, getting rid of things that you don’t find joy anymore? We did a throughout declutter last week, gave them away, donate them, sell them on buy/sell sites etc, a good chunk of items was out of the way now and we feel so much better. Remember: the mess causes stress.

Now we are into the week 4 challenge, and this week we focus on how to reduce our food waste – the biggest problem each and every household has. So let’s get into this week's challenge – Plan Your Grocery Shopping!

Why do we think it is important?

We are practicing this for quite a while now and found that grocery planning is the best way to save our time, save our money, reduce our food waste and avoid unnecessarily single-use plastics.

Here is what we’ve done:

First, let our fridge go empty. Yes, accept the challenge and don’t go buy new foods until your fridge is empty. We all tend to let the fridge so full of stuff, and end up throwing the old food away. Look at what we have and use up all the left over meals, make new meals with all the remaining perishable foods before going shopping for new foods.

Second, plan our grocery shopping for a week, we always make a list and don’t go shopping without it. If you are a savvy person, this will help even better to save money by planning your meals around the flash sale and seasonal produces.

Doing it this way, we will know exactly what we will be getting at the store, or at the farmer markets, we will know what we’re going to do with the items, we won’t forget things, so it reduces the trips that we have to go shopping here and there, therefore, it’s easier to remember bringing our reusable mesh produce bags and reusable shopping bags each and every time.

We already share our experiences and this works really well for us.



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