It's a perfect time for us to come up with this week challenge - Declutter Your Home!


Firstly, our water pipe burst last week, even though it did not cause a massive damage because we noticed right away, thankfully, but there were some damages to be restored and we had to move all of our stuff out the affected area. You may be aware that you have TOO MUCH stuff, but just in these situations, you will start question yourself why on earth do I keep these things?

Secondly, we're originally from Vietnam and our Lunar New Year is coming next week (January 25th). It's a tradition to clean the house, keep them tidy and organized to welcome another good year.

So, back to the challenge, start looking around, I'm sure you will find things that you don't use, touch, wear or find joy in them anymore and they are still there, in your house, taking up your space and cluttering your mind.

It's time to challenge yourself and declutter your home, category by category!

Decluttering gives you more space, makes cleaning easier and forces you to decide what is truly important to you. I often start with local Facebook groups and local organizations to give the items for someone in need or posting on local Auction Group with start bid is Free if I want the items to go quicker and don't have to deal with messaging so many people's comments on a Free post and no-show after that. But there is nothing wrong to even sell your unused stuffs on buy/sell sites, ebay etc and make a bit of money out of it. Either way, for a good cause or for money, it's still better than keeping stuff you don't enjoy anymore. 

If you would like to read more about this topic, we have the master resell right for the ebook Minimalist Living - Why Less is Actually More In Life, but we would be happy to send you a FREE pdf copy, just click on the link below to ask for it.


Will you join us with this week challenge? 


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