Week 11 Challenge - Don't panic buying toilet paper!

Week 11 Challenge - Don't panic buying toilet paper!

We don't take Coronovirus outbreak slightly,  but honestly we do not understand the toilet paper hoarding!

We are still using toilet papers, and still have enough for another month or so since our last purchase months ago when they were on sale. We don't have a shortage of toilet paper in Canada, as far as we know, most of the largest toilet paper brands manufactured right in British Columbia, Canada. 


If you're almost out and can't find anything off the shelves, please don't panic, any type of papers will work, reusable cloths work, cleaning bottles work, and for us, maybe its a time to consider a bidet! And please keep in mind that toilet papers are produced in Canada, there will be more to come for sure.

Keep calm.

And stay safe everyone!




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