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How do we pack a Less-Waste School Lunch?

How do we pack a Less-Waste School Lunch?

Hello Monday,

Lilly's started going to full day program pre-school & child care since last September when she turned 2 and a half years old. We normally let her have her snacks and lunch with her peers at school. We also started this family run business around the same time that we are sending off our first child to school, obviously, we try to pack her lunch kit as less waste as possible. 

We all know that the choices we make about how our food is produced, packaged and stored can affect the health of our child. We do not want to use unneeded plastic in contact with her food, and we'll go with home cooked food as much as possible on a daily basic. But it does not mean she can't have processed or convenience food occasionally. Lilly is such a good eater, she really enjoys...all kind of food!


How do I pack her lunch in a less-waste option


  • Drink: nothing but water, and we don't need to send her water bottle to school. In her class, each child has their own labeled cup and she learns how to get water from the big filter jug. 
  • Yogurt: one of her favorite! We switched to biggest container we can get and scoop one-serving amount each day into a reusable glass container.  
  • Home cooked lunch: We love the temper glass containers that we've been using in our home to pack her lunch, soup, and dip.
  • Snack: She loves her veggie and fruit snacks, or other snacks bough in bulk, packed in her EZeLilly reusable cotton snack bag with waterproof food-grade lining, or wrapped in her EZeLilly organic cotton beeswax food wraps. 

And of course, we send in reusable utensils. We can't find the solution for the particular spreadable cheese that she loves, they comes in individual packaged. That's why its a less-waste lunch. It surely will be a long journey to a zero-waste lifestyle but we enjoy the satisfaction of knowing our child’s lunch is as healthy and eco-friendly as possible, and when starting it young, she will soon develop an understanding of the impact of our food-related decisions.

We hope this post has inspired you to get started reducing your waste while packing school lunches.

Have a wonderful week and happy packing ❤❤❤



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