EZeLilly TV Channel - Go Green with Lilly

EZeLilly TV Channel - Go Green with Lilly

Hi friends,

We are excited to publish our EZeLilly TV channel.

One time my packaging designer told me she could offer to redesign our logo at no charge because it looks "so busy and cartoony". Then I started asking my suppliers do they feel the logo is cartoony and you probably know the answer, most of them said "yes, indeed, but we just don't ask about our customer's mark".

So I explained to my amazing packaging designer (can't wait to see them on the market) and some of my suppliers, and now I think I should say something about it when it comes to public view 🙂

We made it on purpose!!!

We are building awareness and trying to foster green citizens for the future through our cartoon series about environmental problems and simple actions for green living – aimed at kids aged 3-8 years old. We fund this channel ourselves, and for every EZeLilly product sold, $1 will be channelled to this fund to make more educational, fun videos for kids.

The cartoon character on the logo represents Lilly.

She will share with her peers about her green swap journey through EZeLilly TV Channel.

I hope you (and your kids) will enjoy our first video about composting, and please stay tuned for more videos to come 🙂

This is our brand new channel on Youtube, please subscribe to it, stay tuned for more videos, and let us know how we can improve to serve you better




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