EZeLilly’s  Handmade Organic Bamboo Straws

EZeLilly’s Handmade Organic Bamboo Straws

Dear friends,

Today we are so excited to introduce our first line of EZeLilly product: Reusable Organic Bamboo Straws.

EZeLilly's bamboo straws are a great solution for a more eco-friendly way of life. As parents, we are always looking for ways to go greener, and inspire our daughter to live in a way that is better for people and the planet. We want to help others to do the same. Looking at sustainability as a whole can be overwhelming. But by taking one small problem at a time, we can forge a path forwards to a better future.


Why Are Plastic Straws A Problem?

Plastic is usually made from fossil fuels. And in its manufacture, as in the production of most plastics, high levels of greenhouse gases are emitted. These greenhouse gases cause global warming. What is more, plastic is a problem material because once created, it will not break down naturally in the environment for a very long time. This means that it can cause all sorts of horrendous problems in ecosystems. Disposable plastic items like plastic straws contribute to a global waste crisis. Plastic is now found in every bio-zone on earth – and even in our own bodies. Avoiding disposable plastic straws is one thing we can all do to make sure we are not part of this problem.

Paper straws are sometimes touted as a solution. But while these can be better than plastic straws, these can also involve high emissions and use of resources. Metal straws too can be polluting at the stage when the material to make them is taken from the ground.

Rather than seeking out other disposable options, therefore, it is better to think about choosing items that we can keep to use again and again. Bamboo straws could be the perfect solution.

Why We Choose Bamboo Straws?

Our children simply can not  master the art of sipping all kind of their favourite beverages without a straw. And when we must use a straw, we’d choose a reusable one. I personally would pick up a glass straw as a winner among all alternatives for plastic straws out there on the market. But it is definitely not safe for our little daughter to use a glass straw. So bamboo straws come as a perfect solution to help my family cut down on plastic straws waste and lower our carbon footprints. Here are some reason:

+ Bamboo is a natural material that can be grown sustainably.

Bamboo plants contain a substance called bamboo-kun, an anti-microbial agent that provides a natural source of pest and fungi resistance. This means they can be grown without recourse to herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals. They also require less water to grow than trees or other crops and are a sustainable and efficient use of land.

+ Bamboo captures carbon while it grows.

Not only is bamboo a less polluting and lower carbon option than other straw materials, it can also help combat climate change by taking in and storing more carbon than other crops.

+ Bamboo will biodegrade naturally at the end of its useful life.

Bamboo straws can be reused rather than just being thrown away. But when they are thrown away, they will break down naturally in the environment. (You can even simply add them to your compost at home.) This means that even when you no longer need them, they will not pose a threat to people or wildlife.

+ Last but not least, our bamboo straws are 100% handcrafted in VietNam from organic bamboo trees. Bamboo tree is a significant symbol in both Vietnamese culture and daily life, and exists almost everywhere in Vietnam. Since bamboo products have become more popular around the world,  they have helped many villages escape poverty. We are Vietnamese immigrants, even though our daughter was born here, we always want her to have a strong connection to her parent home country in many ways. So as soon as we drafted the plan for this family owned business, the first thing came to mind was sourcing quality products from our home country.


Bamboo straws are just one small solution for one big problem. But choosing these is definitely a step in the right direction for us.


Will you give it a try, friends?

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