Challenge Accepted: 15 Days Gift Give Away

Challenge Accepted: 15 Days Gift Give Away

❤️15 Days Holiday Gift Give Away ❤️


Starting today, December 1st, each day we will post one brand new gift to give away on our Facebook Page for Kamloops local community.


Let’s face it. We are grateful to receive gifts from many occasions that we did not have a use for them yet at the given time, or we already have duplicated items. And we’ve been just holding on them to see if we will use them in the future, or regift, but we simply forget, especially this year we are aiming to gift family and friends experiences. 


This holiday season, we are taking the challenge to declutter our home of presents we are sure that don’t fit in our house anymore. We choose to give them away, find them a home where they can be useful and enjoyable, and also put a smile on someone else’s face.

Happy giving ^^


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