A letter for Lilly

A letter for Lilly

Dear Lilly,

Darling, did you know this company was founded entirely for you? I chose to start up, to work from home so that I could have more flexible time with you, because I knew the importance of being there for you in your childhood, because I truly care about your development. Only with this could I give you all my time in this world.

Not long ago, I read the letter of a 6th-grader to her principal hoping for future balloon-free back-to-school ceremonies because she, at such a young age, was afraid it would harm the animals and the environment, and I was deeply touched by her words. I wondered – meanwhile, why are many of us adults so careless about the environment? I was worried for you, for the future we would be in, and for posterity. I want you to learn to be responsible about the environment early in life, and I want you to have this awareness with you as you grow, as a part of your journey. Did you notice that little changes had begun in our own home, from simplest things like using environmental-friendly items instead of disposable ones? We could totally spread the seeds of this lifestyle to other families to really make a change. Remember that I've always told you take good care of your toys, your books? We will have to say goodbye to them at some point, but we will find them a new home! And don't you worry, their new family will take good care of them just like we did. Please always remember what drives us: we don't just sell to our customers, we share our life style with them.

Lilly darling, did you know that we are building a Youtube channel, with you as the main character, for you and your peers to learn to be more responsible about the environment? Isn't that exciting? You will get to share with children your age your daily tips and what you would learn so we can all protect our home planet together. Every time we find our products a new home, we will draw $1 to develop your channel! You may be young, but your voice will not be small!

Lilly darling, it is going to be a long and difficult journey to relieve us from our ingrained pattern, from a life style that relies on disposable items. It is a conversion that would require a life long maintenance, and the temptation birthed by the convenience of single-use products will only make it harder. No matter what, I want you to fight for this planet, for our one and only home. Because I believe your generation is the future. And I want you to be a part of that generation, who will do a better job preserving this planet than us, who will shape this world into a better place.

Love you,



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