1st Holiday Give Away - Pre-loved wooden toys

1st Holiday Give Away - Pre-loved wooden toys

Hi friends,

We are very excited to announce that our mass production for EZeLilly's bamboo straws and cotton beeswax food wraps will be arriving soon next week. In order to prepare room for the home-based ware house, we are doing a massive house purge.

We would start with Lilly's toy room first and hoping to find these pre-loved toys a new home, or two, or three, as we are adding more to the pile 🙂

If it sounds like you mom (and dad) when you look around your house and find all of the toys laying, believe me, you are not alone. Kids grow fast, and with that, we tend to consume and generate far more than is necessary. We are aiming to downsize our lives, so many of the pre-loved items we own, we want them to go to a new home so they can be reuse and extend their shelf life.

We would like the lot to go all together to one winner please.

The contest for this lot is running for 4 days on our Facebook Page , locally in Kamloops,

If you are interested, please go to our Facebook Page and follow these step to  enter :

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Contest will be drawn October 22nd at 10am 😊😊😊

Thank you so much in advance for your support 🙂

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